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We are family owned and operated business, servicing from small residential to a large commercial projects.
We are exclusively focused on wallpaper installation and removal & no mixing skills with painting and or renovations etc.

I grew up installing wallpaper in Europe and have over 15 years€™ experience in this field. Installing wallpaper can be a very delicate craft which takes patience and we all know that females have plenty of patience and best attention to details.

I install wallpaper not because I have to but because I love  to. I have a huge passion for wallpaper as I believe it’s a transforming art on your walls.


Wallpaper calculation to make sure correct amount of rolls ordered prior the installation

Advising on room preparation/after-care 

Wallpaper installation of any volume, leaving your space clean and transformed

We are easy to get hold of and very reliable

Wallpaper is a trend that has come back in a major way into our living with enhanced quality & beautiful designs now available through €˜Up The Wall Art.